Monday, February 20, 2017

February 20, 2017

February 20, 2017

Dear Families,
An updated blog post - how novel?!  :)

Our inquiry based unit on force and motion has been underway for a couple weeks.  Students are hearing and reading about information as it relates to the basic physics of force and motion - concepts of push and pull, friction and gravity.  They also been engaging in activities where they are asked to make connections to force and motion.  In fact, last week they went through "stations" that included "Bounce Off," wood block bowling, cars, balls and ramps, Angry Birds Launch, and Physics and Motion Websites.  Also, at our most recent ECO Adventure, students engaged in two other force and motion experiences - javelin/spear throwing and sledding.  What fun!  This week, they will test different surfaces and it's affect on the movement of toy cars.

Image result for bowling clip artOur force and motion unit will culminate this Friday with a trip to Twin City Lanes Bowling Alley.  The entire 3rd grade class will be a part of this experience, as once again, we think about the variables of force and motion.

TRY -Teens Reaching Youth
As you likely know by now, our classroom is having weekly visits by three middle school students who are part of a program called, "TRY."  They will be leading 6 sessions in science education, all related to trees.  This experience is rich for the middle school students, but also very valuable for the 3rd grade students who will (hopefully) acquire some new knowledge and understanding, as well as having good role modeling examples.

Image result for area square unitsIn math class as of late, we have been developing a better understanding of area.  We have learned that area covers a "flat" space, and is measured in square units.  We have talked about it within the context of the classroom floor, or the playground soccer field.  We have acknowledged different professions that might need to utilize a deep understanding of area.  Students have been specifically engaged in determining area of rectangles, building up to the formula 
of length x width.

Students continue to engage in discussion and learning to deepen their understanding of what they read, through mini-lessons, independent and small group practice.  Lately, the emphasis of instruction has been on character traits and character analysis.

Image result for legend of the indian paintbrushThe much anticipated arrival of the 3rd grade puppet residency is nearly upon us.  On March 8th, No String Marionette Puppet Company will be at UES to do their "kick-off show" for all students.  For three weeks thereafter, Dan and Barb (of No Strings Marionette) will lead 3rd graders in the design and construction of their own rod puppets, which will become the characters of our class puppet show.  At the time of the puppet residency, a reading workshop unit related to legends will be taking place, and so, all of the puppet shows will be based on legends.  Ours will be based on the book/legend by Tomie DePoala, called, The Legend Of The Indian Paintbrush.  The daytime 
and evening performance of this show will be April 5th.

Image result for lantern parade union elementary school
The UES Lantern Parade is set for Thursday night, February 23rd, beginning at 5:45.  A notice, on behalf of Ms Kane (art teacher), is being sent home Monday regarding the specifics of the event.

It's late, I know, but I wanted to acknowledge my thanks and appreciation for everyone who came out for the Solar System show a few weeks ago.  It was a great night.  Here are a few pics from the Times Argus photographer.

UES Discovery Rocket made by Buffy Boyce and her artistic crew!